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08 January 2010 @ 04:20 pm
          We walk out, leaving the blaring music and gyraing dancers behind us.  It's eleven now, and more than three hours ago, I would never have imagined that this would actually be happening.  The parking garage was so cool, and damp the way it feels after a rainy day.  My heels clicking against the pavement providing the only sound at this time of night.  He was nervous, I could tell by his breathing, yet the look in his eyes told me it was time.  A quick flash of lights seperates the car from it's shadows.  I sit, turning the key in the ignition.  Our breath creates a smokey setting, as the car rumbles to a start.  The street lights look down on us, knowing we should be back at the dance, in my head I am grateful they can't talk.  Only a few minutes away, we stop before a nearby park.  The car is hidden on all sides by a bushy are, as planned.  He grabs the old comforter from the trunk, along with something else that I can't quite make out in the early morning darkness.  I spread the blanket across the dewy grass, in a perfect spot overlooking the city below.  It's the kind of place where you can lay in your back and stare up into the never-ending sky, and lose yourself.  I kick my heels off and place them near the edge of the conforter as he similarly takes off his dress shoes.  We both sit, looking at the city below, not quite sure were to start.  In my head I debate whether or not to wait for him to make the first move, then my decision is made.  I look over at his glassy eyes, reflecting the bright lights of hte city.  His skin glows like the moon.  I move my hand towards the top of his leg, slowly sliding upward, across the smooth black dress pants.  I admire the smile that lit his face, especially because today I wasn't gonna do what he predicted.  I guided my hand past his hip, to the middle of hios chest.  In a swift motion, I grabbed the end of his tie, and pulled him onto me.  He slid his arms around my hips, clearly pleased with my creative approach.  
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