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24 October 2010 @ 07:57 pm
26,1,3,11 (where it all started xD)  
 Arms wrap around me, displaying true feelings.  His lips softly caress my ear, as he whispers, "what"? My lips curl into a smile. "You're such a brat", I whisper back, completely exposed to his hazel eyes.  Through the darkness, I can still see the breath-taking greens and browns.  Now it's his time to smile, at my flirty remark.  Expressions change, as our faces draw close.  Warm hands guide my face closer to his.  Our lips meet, forming a perfect Kodak moment.  I am suddenly lost in this sincere form of attraction.  As we pull away, I can feel his heart beating, slightly faster than normal.  I pull in for one more breathtaking kiss. I lay my head against his shoulder as his fingers casually brush my hair away from my cheek.  His lips form on my forehead quickly, before he rests his head on my own.  From his shoulder, I trace his arm, to his hand, twirling around his fingers before connecting ours together.  I take a quick breath, and start giggling.  His quiet voice whispers "what?" and once again the cycle repeats.  
Current Mood: flirtyflirty