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30 seconds to mars, all time low, american hi-fi, angels and airwaves, armor for sleep, audiology, blink 182, bowling for soup, boys like girls, cartel, chris faller, christian siriano, cobra starship, cute(iwwaf), danny noriega, escape the fate, fall out boy, foo fighters, forever the sickest kids, good charlotte, gym class heroes, hawthorne heights, hot hot heat, jason siska, lifehouse, motion city soundtrack, my chemical romance, new found glory, october fall, orange avenue, panic(!)at the disco, paramore, phantom planet, plain white t's, red hot chili peppers, relient k, simple plan, sum 41, taking back sunday, taylor swift, the academy is..., the click five (original), the hush sound, the killers, the red jumpsuit apparatus, the rocket summer, the spill canvas, the used, we the kings, weezer
I'm crazy, nice, outgoing, and yes a loser :p I love to read, write and listen to music. I have a few very important friends and a lot of pretty cool people I talk to. I have an extreme obbesion with punk-ish bands. (see below) I bet you dont like them......but I do sooo dont sit here and tell me they are lame or posers or whatever. You have an opinion and I have one too. I wont diss ur bands so we'll call it even :) I am pretty loud, and I speak my mind. I am sorry in advance if you think I am rude. I don't try to make diss anyone and if you are offended my any comment by me talk to me, I'm sure I didn't mean it in the way it was taken.