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10 August 2010 @ 03:12 pm
Writer's Block: One Thing I Did  
What is one thing in life your friends said you could/would never do, but you did it anyway?

It was the way he casually walked through the halls, not giving a care.  His hair flipped to the side, just enough to see his quirky smile.  Love is a strong word, so to describe him maybe infatuation.  For two years I was interested, but let's face it, he wasn't the one for me.  Period six we both had class on the third floor.  It started as a dare, but we all knew I wanted him more than fat kid wants food.  The clock ticked slowly that period six class, and by then my twenty classmates all knew what was going on.  Shaking, I was anxious, scared and excited when the bell rang.  Like planned, he walked down the hall towards me, and my knees were giving out.  Like a scene from a movie I stopped him, there in the hallway, and kissed him.  Words can not describe the excitement that I felt!  My friends were proud of me, I was officially their idol.  That feeling didn't cease until the next day, when his sister explained to me that he had just started going out with a new girl the day before... 
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