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22 January 2009 @ 10:00 pm
I want you near me, brushing the hair out of my face, telling me everything is ok. Tell me that I look beautiful, as the tears fall.  Eyeliner and mascara drip down my face, making the tears more visible. I need you to hold me, and whisper in my ear that you love me.  Hold my close and don't let go. I want your heart to beat happiness to mine.  Sit with me until I feel better, don't go home.  Freeze time, make it last forever. So I can re-live every moment with you.
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Current Music: Vegas Skies- The Cab
22 January 2009 @ 09:31 pm
His dark brown eyes follow me, as I walk downt the busy hallway toward him.  Excitement crosses his face as he pulls me into a casual hug.  His body still smelled of chlorine, making his scent all the better.  We pull away slowly with a quick peck.  I lean in for just one more, before he dissapears in the crowded hallway, until next period. 
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Current Music: The Cab - Take My Hand
31 December 2008 @ 01:03 pm
I love you more than I will ever be able to figure out.  You hurt me, bbut I always run back.  You are a complete and total jerk, and I will never be able to say no.  We are lovers, we are family, we are friends, we are enemies.  There is no reason to change your mind so quick ly or so many times.  You get jealous of other guys, but you don't want me?  Three seconds later I am the love of your life.  I can't deal with the stress you put me through!  I have always been here for you, but you have left me more times than I can count.  Friends have trust, they make you feel better, they know your secrets.  For us, we have none of the above.  So what is it when you pass my locker every chance you get? Or when you text me so much that we barley talk out loud.   Is it obsession, infatuation, or love?  Do you truly care about me, or am I just another pretty girl?  When I get close to someone you lure me away with an offer I can't refuse.  But it's over!  I am not a toy that you can use over again. I just can't deal!!! 
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30 December 2008 @ 08:56 pm
Our bodies touch, innocently at first, with passion in our comfortable position.  His soft rhythmic breathing tickels the bare parts of my neck.  His arm slides down my waist, holding me close.  He cuddles his face into my neck, kissing the back of my neck.  My weakness was unvieled.  His lips softly caressing my neck, sent waves of pleasure through my body.  I push my body closer, he holds me tighter.  He moves his face up towards my ear, pushing my hair out of his way.  In a quiet sexy voice, he whispers, "I love you", and I know that its the truth.  His heart beats faster  as I run my fingers up his arm, showing the now and always, I love him back.  Softly, he finds a comfortable spot near my neck.  Within a few minutes, we both drift off to sleep, knowing that there was nothing better in the world than to be in love.
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23 December 2008 @ 11:05 pm
someone who will talk to me until late hours at night
someone that i can trust

someone i can open up to without being judged
someone who will lay with my under the stars
someone who wants me for whats inside not outside
someone i can be myself with (always)
someone to spoil me rotten and treat me like a princess

someone with feelings
someone who cares about others
someone that i can always ask, for anything
someone who will be there
someone who will kiss me on the cheek
someone who will give me back hugs
someone who is open to different things

someone who likes to meet people
someone who is never rude
someone that loves me
someone who thinks i look pretty in sweatpants or hoodies
someone that doesnt care if i wear make up or not
someone i can spend my life with
someone who will tell me the truth, and know i can handle it
someone i can fight with, even though it is more like a joke
someone that can make me laugh
someone i can share secrets with
someone that wont leave me
someone who i can play around with
someone who will know that im joking

someone to treat me right
someone to hold hands with
someone to give me the long, caring hugs

someone to cry on
someone to love
someone to get my blood rushing
someone to actually watch movies with

someone to cuddle up with
someone to play with my hair

someone to compliment me
someone to take me out on a real date
someone that others can trust
someone that listens and gives me advice
someone who pays attention
someone that makes my heart melt
someone that will do the little things to please me


Current Mood: lovedloved
Current Music: star struckk - 3oh!3
17 December 2008 @ 03:11 pm
"Runners take your mark."  These four words make my body sweat.  Impacitenly, my eyes wander down the starting line, studying the competition.  The gun is raised, I hold my breath, and the world seems to stop for that moment.  The gun is fired, and adrenaline flows through my body.  We race down the course, striving to come in ahead our last place. 
This is my purpose, what I live for.  Many people think that running is pointless, some may even dare to say that it's not a sport! To a runner, it is a way of life, something we can't live without.

Drinking more than our weight in water.
Eating enough pasta to feed an army.
Limping around because your feet are covered in blisters.
Cleaning the disgusting dirt  from our spikes.
Running in weather that is too cold, or too warm, or too wet.

We complain like running is the closest thing to hell, but we love every minute of it.  From the blood, sweat and tears, to pulling every muscle in our body.  There is not one thing that I would change. 
I feel like I belong here, and no one makes fun of me.  I can escape during practice, relax my mind.  I make friends with other teams, because we all suffer the same things.  Each team is like a family, each member is like a sister or brother.  By the end of the season, we become best friends. 

Even though practice might be rough, or my team might be crazy, I am and always will be a runner.
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15 December 2008 @ 09:13 pm
          I answer the door, shaking with fear and excitement.  Holding my breath, I open the door of our cheap hotel room.  Quickly my eyes study each part of his body.  His short already-messy hair brushes just above his wandering brown eyes.  His delicious lips formed a seductive, sexy smile, making my heart beat faster.  His body was tense, nervous but excited.  
          The white button-up shirt was low enough to set me off!  I pulled him into me, starting with an innocent kiss.  His lips guided mine as his hands slowly followed the lines of my body, stopping around my thighs.  Our lips part as he lifts me to his waist.  In one swift motion, he kicked the door shut, and threw me up against the wall.  My legs grip around his waist, much tighter than needed.  As he goes in for another passionate kiss, my hands slide down his neck.  Slowly at first,  I unhooked the first button left clasped on his shirt.  His movements got stronger, more passionate, begging me to go on.  I rip the shirt open and grabbed his neck again.  Pleased, he moves us, dropping to the king-sized bed, with me on top.  We part, as his hands guide my shirt over my head.  Amazement crosses his face as he glides himself over me.  I snap off the clasp of my bra, both of us half-undressed.  Cool at first, our bodies start to heat up.  Adrenaline was pumping through my body, as his lips caressed my neck.  His breath tickled as he exhaled, sending shivers down my spine.  Like magic, he controlled my whole body, working my jeans off.  I tug at his belt, until his boxers were fully exposed.  I take over, putting myself on top.  Roughly, I grab his head, pulling him into a long romantic kiss.  His touch tickled my body, as he crept closer to the last covered part of my body.

  Under the covers, our bodies still close together.  My head rested comfortably on his chest, as I drifted off to sleep.  Our breath was still ragged, trying to calm itself down.  His heart beat was still faster then normal, he was still excited.  I could feel it through my whole body.  
          Hours later, I wake, and shift my weight careful not to wake him.  A slight smile still lit his peaceful face.  I cuddled in closer, trying to make this moment last forever.  He slid his arm around my waist, where we stayed for the rest of the day.     

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Current Music: Everything I Ask For- The Maine
07 December 2008 @ 04:03 pm

     Like a spell, I fall for you, deeper and deeper, like nothing i've ever felt before.  Thoughts of you fill my mind, blanking out everything else.  Suddenly I regain composure and remember the past.  The history has repeated, yet again.  Falling out of your trance, I can't stand you again.  The cycle repeats.  You haven't changed, you are not mature, and we both know it.  They are right, we don't belong together.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
07 December 2008 @ 03:59 pm

     Like a dog she pulls you back.  Luring you, even though you both know it's wrong.  Breaking promises you made, going backwards.  History repeats, making your life like hell.  Not learning rfom the mistakes, you dig yourself deeper, never to be seen the same again.  Loved ones are hurting from teh carless choice you made.  Trust is lost, and still she pulls the leash tighter, forcing you back to her forever.  Unable to break her grasp, you will live for her until death.  Never to know what could have been.
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Current Music: F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. - The Fall Of Troy
06 December 2008 @ 08:42 pm

You arent trustworthy
You never listen to me
You dont have my back
You wont talk to me in public
You go through crazy mood swings
You break my heart
You make me cry
You annoy the crap out of me
Your friends dont like me
You hate me, but like me
You do things to spit me
You never listen to me
and yet,
your one of my best friends

but why?
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